11 Januari 2010

Undefined (2010)

just an undefined thing that i think last night. an ordinary night, just i thought. nope,its not an ordinary night, it'll came and gone for a while. why??? just as i said, an undefined thing (think???).

coincidence,just for try the new post for long time unpost. need more advice, i need a change. its gone all for me. all new!!! as i said before, undefined... iy must be a departured,???

wew,when i can reach to be godlike or something like monster kill streak, a side of me dissapeared half and more to complete lost. what can i do when i cant change a future of mine???

i need u,yeah,just to be with you...i wanna changed by you,its about something wrong with me and ill be the only one who change it with you...no matter how what you say. i wanna you lead me now...

thanks for the last everything you give to me...
i wanna really change, to night, wont be undefined...it must defined by me.

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cat lantai mengatakan...

thanks sob.. good luck for you

cat jotun mengatakan...

nice blog pals, make many article to inspirate other

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